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A Comprehensive Guide to Arlington Pedicures – Nail Salons, Reviews and More!

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Arlington pedicures have become a popular spa day to indulge in. But with so many options available, where do you go? It seems like there’s a nail salon on every corner! With this guide, we’ll show you the best pedicure salons in Arlington and beyond. We’ll take you through the basics of what to expect at a pedicure and provide reviews of what we think are the best nail salons around!

What Exactly is a Pedicure?

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Pedicures are a spa treatment that can help your feet and nails look and feel their best. The pedicure is a service that many people enjoy because it’s not only satisfying to your feet but also relaxing.

It usually begins with soaking your feet in warm water mixed with oils or salts. Your technician will then scrub your feet and trim the nails if needed. This first stage of the pedicure is called exfoliation, which removes dry skin and calluses from the bottom of the foot. The second stage of the pedicure is called nail care, where technicians buff, shape, and polish the nails. You’ll also get a foot massage during this process as well! Finally, you’ll get an application of polish on your fingernails and toenails before having a shoe cover put on you.

Afterward, you should see an improvement in the appearance and health of your feet as well as your nails!

The Essentials of Arlington Pedicures

There are a lot of great things about Arlington pedicures. But the best part is that they’re good for you! Regular pedicure sessions can do wonders to make your feet – and your whole body – feel rejuvenated. Pedicures can remove irritating build-up from skin, cuticles, and nails. They also provide an opportunity to get a lavish foot massage!

Pedicures can be tailored to meet your needs. If you want, you could get a manicure, too. Some salons offer a full set of nails with gel polish on top; other people might prefer a simple polish change or just a foot scrub. No matter what type of pedicure you go for, always ask the nail technician what they plan on doing before they start working on your feet!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned when it comes to Arlington pedicures is that there are many different types and styles out there. The best way to find the perfect one for you is by experimenting with different salons until you find one that feels right. It doesn’t take long before you’ll know exactly where to go for your next Arlington pedicure!

Best Pedicure in Arlington

There are so many options when it comes to pedicures, but here are some of the best ones in Arlington.

1. Resort nail salon

Resort nail salon is one of the most popular nail salons in Arlington, and they have a wide range of nail services. They offer everything from manicures and pedicures to acrylic nails and gel nails. You can get your nails done quickly or spend more time with a treatment like the OPI Gelish Manicure or Pedicure and enjoy a hand massage!

2. Chop Nails

Chop Nails isn’t just for people who want short, neat nails. In fact, they specialize in all sorts of nail art – from natural to bold designs! They offer both mani-pedis and waxing services, as well as skin care treatments if you need any pampering on top of your pedicure.

3. Swanky Nails

This salon has been around for more than two decades and has a loyal following because their customer service is phenomenal! If you’re looking for an Arlington pedicure near home, this is your place! Swanky Nails offers quality work at affordable prices by friendly staff.

Nail Salons in the Area

With so many nail salons in the area, it can be hard to choose which one is best for you! However, there are a few things to keep in mind when looking for your perfect pedicure salon.

Firstly, as with any service, ask around and find out what people are saying about their experiences at these local salons. It will give you a good idea of whether the salon has an established reputation or if it’s a newer business that you might want to avoid.

Secondly, before going into a nail salon for the first time, make sure you know exactly what type of pedicure they offer. If they only offer traditional nail polish changes, pedicures are not their specialty and you’re likely better off going elsewhere.

Thirdly, make sure the salon is clean and inviting! You want to feel comfortable while being pampered at this relaxing day spa activity.

Reviews of the Best Nail Salons in Arlington

A pedicure is a great way to treat yourself or an even better gift to give someone you care about. But not all nail salons are created equal and it’s important to do your research before committing to a salon.

Here are reviews of the best Arlington pedicures:

* Resort nails salon: This salon is located at 5335 W Sublett Rd #111, Arlington, TX 76017. Which is extremely convenient for Arlington residents. They offer a variety of services from manicures and pedicures, to waxing and facials. The staff is professional and friendly, and they specialize in gel nails too!

* Nail Salon Express: Located at 1827 Wilson Blvd., this salon has no appointment needed for their quick walk-ins. They have an on-site nail artist that can do acrylics, gel polish, silk wraps, hand massages, and so much more.

* Nail Tech: This salon is located in Clarendon at 3249 Wilson Blvd. They offer massages with their pedicures or manicures as well as a variety of other services like waxing and facials!


If you’re looking for a new nail salon, whether it’s an Arlington pedicure or another type of nail treatment, you’re in the right place. This list provides reviews of the best nail salons in Arlington, TX.

When you get an Arlington pedicure, you can expect more than just a simple manicure with a coat of polish. The service includes a soak in warm water, a foot scrub and cuticle treatment, nail shaping, and polish application. Pedicures are a relaxing and therapeutic service that many people swear by. With regular pedicures, you’ll be able to maintain healthy feet and nails. Arlington is one of the top cities for pedicures in Texas!

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